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Willow (NES) Playthrough


A playthrough of Capcom's 1989 license-based fantasy action-adventure game for the NES, Willow. Capcom's Willow for the NES, not to be confused with the excellent arcade game (🤍 ), is one of my favorite action-RPGs on the NES. It follows a lot of the trends set by the original The Legend of Zelda, but it feels closer to Crystalis with its added emphasis on magic and on plot. The story is a bit different from the film's, but the goal is the same: Spirit messengers endowed with power of magic were sent to protect the people of the world. Queen Bavmorda becomes hungry for power and transforms Fin Raziel into an opossum in order to claim the world as her own. This doesn't sit well with a Nelwyn named Willow, who, with the aid of Fin Raziel’s magic and Elora Danan’s Crest of the Spirits, travels toward Nockmaar Castle as the world’s last remaining hope against the wicked queen. The world is nicely fleshed out and filled with NPCs, but since Willow is an action-RPG, its exploration and dungeon crawling focuses on battling with hordes of monsters. Willow’s strength is based on his experience level and the sword that he is using, and many enemies are immune to specific weapon types, making it impossible to power through every situation with the strongest sword at hand. Willow also acquires several magic spells that'll allow him to heal himself, shoot fireballs at adversaries, transform into monsters, and more. You have to be careful, however, since without the correct spell and sufficient experience, Bavmorda cannot be beaten in the final showdown. It's not a particularly difficult game, but there's enough here to keep you exploring for quite awhile. The battle system gives you a lot of options, and as long as you are keeping an eye on your health, you aren't going to die too often thanks to the useful healing spells. You aren't sent back very far when you die either, so the frustration level is usual pretty low. (I just wish we could save! Those passwords are too long!) While Capcom's efforts saw an amazing amount of success on the NES, I can't help but feel that Willow is among the most impressive. It's beautiful for an NES game. I know I can't be the only one who is still sometimes taken aback by the battle scenes. When you wander into a clearing and the wind starts blowing around the trees, grass, and water as the dramatic battle theme begins - I thought it was the coolest effect as a kid, and I still find myself impressed by it. The music is just as good as the graphics, too - Harumi Fujita's soundtrack really knows how to set a mood. I swear I could go fifty years without touching the game and I'd still remember every song without difficulty. For a perfect example, check out the cutscene at 1:47:52 and its follow-up at 1:54:20. It's crazy that an NES game could set a scene so effectively. Willow for the NES is great. I'd have to say that I actually prefer it to the film that it was based on! One last note - nothing has been edited out of this recording. All the grinding is shown, but most of it is consolidated to a single segment beginning at 1:01:38. If you want to skip it, the game continues on from 1:40:53. _ No cheats were used during the recording of this video. NintendoComplete (🤍 punches you in the face with in-depth reviews, screenshot archives, and music from classic 8-bit NES games!

Is Willow [NES] Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk


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NES Willow 100% All Bosses World Record! 1:18:21


Willow 100% All Bosses completed in 1:18:21! Watch live at 🤍

NES Longplay [031] Willow


🤍 Played By: BimmyLee83 Willow was undoubtedly one of my favorite NES games growing up, and in my eyes, it still holds up as one of the best games of the action/RPG genre. While playing, there was really a sense of adventure and danger that seemed absent in most other games of that class. The game's world is humongous and it's almost a necessity to design some sort of makeshift map system if you don't wantto get lost (since no in-game maps are provided). For this longplay, I referenced some very crudely drawn maps I had sketched out on graph paper when I was a kid and to my surprise, they actually seemed to help in most cases. I didn't play this on any time-constraints so there are a couple of sections where I just spend time battling and gaining experience. I edited the section where you have to reach level 13 to free Fin Raziel because I was just going through the same battles using the same strategy for every bit of 25 minutes. I went ahead and leveled up to 15 since I believe that's the required level to beat the game. - Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!

Willow - The Greatest NES Adventure/RPG Hybrid? - Xygor Gaming


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Willow (NES) Part 1 - Mike Matei Live


This live stream was my first time taking a real shot at playing Willow for NES! I actually like it so far for the most part. Follow me on Twitch ✜ 🤍 Twitter Mike Matei ✜ 🤍 Support Mike Matei on Patreon 🤍 Read Mike Matei Blog ✜ 🤍 See and read more of our content and videos! Check out frequent collaborators Erin Plays 🤍 Tony From Hack The Movies 🤍 #mikematei #willow #NES #retro

Willow Completed 1 Coin No Death Hardest Arcade


No-commentary gameplay of Willow. US Version. Arcade. Hardest difficulty (Hardest). Nando Speed Normal (this means the number and speed of apparition of random enemies. In very fast the game becomes impossible) Game completed with 1 credit. Played with MamePlus 0.134. No tools, cheats, autofire, re-recording or save states were used. Willow is a superb game from Capcom based on the famous fantasy film of the late 80s. This game is simply brilliant, everything is outstanding here. I'd say that is probably one of the best games from a film franchise ever released. The game is quite similar to Warner/Pyros from Toaplan. It shares the same mechanics, even the shops to buy new items, but everything is improved. I used to think that this game was quite hard back on the day, but after playing again recently, I discovered that the most important thing is knowing what to buy, more than having skill. You should always buy the weapon upgrades, which make the game a lot easier. The highest peak of difficulty can be found in the cart chase. After that the game gets again easy. Capcom also released a Willow game for the Nes. The game is completely different from this one, and it's more similar to The Legend of Zelda. Anyway, the game is also great. To sum up, I can only say that this game is fantastic and you should try it if you haven't done so far.

Willow for NES - A Review | hungrygoriya


Willow for the NES is wonderful movie adaptation to the video game medium. Although it departs from the film's plot quite a bit, it excels in its style and action and has an incredibly memorable soundtrack. It's an easy favourite to add to the growing list of great NES games. 🍖 The introductory animation and outro text were created and designed by Saad Azim. Twitter: 🤍hungrygoriya Collecting Blog: 🤍 Twitch Channel: 🤍 Video Game Collection: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 #retrogaming #willow #nes

Willow (NES) Part 2 - Mike Matei Live


Finishing up Willow for NES! Overall, I thought this game was okay. It could be amazing if a few of the more glaring issues got fixed up. Follow Mike Matei on Twitch ✜ 🤍 Twitter Mike Matei ✜ 🤍 Support Mike Matei on Patreon 🤍 Read Mike Matei Blog ✜ 🤍 See and read more of our content and videos! Check out frequent collaborators Erin Plays 🤍 Tony From Hack The Movies 🤍 #mikematei

Willow (NES)


W·I·L·L·O·W (NES version) NELWYN 01:50 High Aldwin → Magic Acorns 02:40 Vohnkar → Long Sword DEW 05:25 Villager → Wood Shield 06:15 Village chief → Magic Healmace 08:10 Treasure Chest → Gold Statue BOGARDA CAVE 11:10 Treasure Chest → Ring 12:30 Demon Bogarda (Boss) → Magic of Flowing Fire (Fireflor Magic) 14:10 Treasure Chest → Battle Sword ROCK MOUNTAIN CAVE (detour) 17:05 Treasure Chest → Small Shield FOREST OF DEATH 19:25 Po's House → Medicinal Herbs MATANDA CAVE 21:45 Treasure Chest → Gold Shield 23:05 Treasure Chest → Dragon Scale 23:35 Treasure Chest → Flame Sword 24:30 Po → Magic Ocarina 26:15 Dragon Matanda → Thieves' Bracelet LAKE CHEEF 28:00 Fairy Cherlindrea → Magic Cane (Cherlindrea's Wand) 30:05 Treasure Chest → Devil Eye 31:10 Treasure Chest → Key 32:10 Madmartigan → Necklace 35:15 Kchil of the nail Clan → Seed of Wakka (talk to Madmartigan in Bar first) 35:35 ~ 36:20 Dragon Sword + Dragon Shield (Detour) Between ISLANDS and CAVES 43:15 Treasure Chest → Magic of Fleet (Fleet Magic) 45:30 Zhena Spirit → Zhena's Cross Flute 46:25 Treasure Chest → Demon's Feather (Terstorm Magic). 47:15 Treasure Chest → Book of Magic (Magic word of Renew "Renew Magic") 47:40 Treasure Chest → Metal Shield 49:10 Muzh (Boss) → Note with Magic 'word' of Bombard (Bombard Magic) RED TOWERS 53:45 Spirit of the skies → Blue Crystal 1:00:20 Spirit of the earth → Red Crystal 1:01:05 Elora Danan → Crest of the Spirits MOUNTAINS (to TIR ASLEEN) 1:05:35 Treasure Chest → Monster's Bone "Specter's Magic Word" (Specter Magic) 1:07:10 Magic Word of Thunder (Thunder Magic) 1:07:35 Treasure Chest → Heal Ball 1:08:45 Treasure Chest → Tail Shield 1:13:10 Adik → Wing Sword 1:16:10 Witch's Shoes (talk first with an old woman in Adik Cave) TIR ASLEEN 1:21:00 "green" Old Woman ("key" character) 1:23:30 Treasure Chest → Battle Shield 1:24:40 Treasure Chest → Wonder Sword 1:25:40 Airk → Kaiser Sword 1:26:10 Eborsisk (Boss) 1:27:00 Power of Unrequited Love NOCKMAAR 1:29:50 Treasure Chest → Fury Shield 1:34:25 Nockmaar Castle 1:34:55 Abang → Wing Sword + Abang Power 1:37:15 "green" old woman → Key to Nockmaar Castle 1:40:05 Sorsha & Madmartigan 1:41:35 General Kael (Boss) 1:43:35 Fin Raziel → Magic Cane + Fin Raziel Energy (at least level 13) 1:48:20 Queen Bavmorda (Final Boss) → at least 216 MP is required (you must not miss a shot) 🤍

Willow - Nes - Full Playthrough - No death


Play my mega man levels: Mega man maker user ID: 506504 XBOX Games up for sale here: 🤍 Wii Games up for sale here: 🤍 Nintendo DS games up for sale here: 🤍 Playstation games up for sale here: 🤍 Nes games auctions on ebay: 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make sure you follow me on dailymotion for exclusive videos. 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Willow is the name of several video games based on the 1988 film of the same name.Two different games were released by Capcom for arcades and the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. The arcade version is a platform game while the NES version is an action-RPG.Unrelated Willow games were also released for the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and MS-DOS in 1988-89.An evil Witch queen called Bavmorda is after the holy baby of the lands, Elora Danan, intent on destroying her. A young peaceful wizard called Willow Ufgood was selected to protect Elora. Later on, a brave warrior named Madmartigan joins Willow to fight the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ enemies.The version of Willow released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom is an adventure game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda.The game has the player taking on the role of Willow. Unlike the film and arcade game, Willow generally travels alone, only briefly meeting other characters. In the tradition of The Legend of Zelda, Willow wields a sword and shield and many supplementary items along with a wide variety of magic spells. As the game progresses and Willow defeats enemies, he gains experience points and levels as in a role-playing video game.The game got amazing graphics for his time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NES Gameplay - Willow - Walkthrough


Willow is a 1989 2D action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is loosely based on the 1988 film of the same name and is the second title Capcom released based on Willow that year, the first being an unrelated side scrolling arcade game. The version of Willow released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom is an adventure game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda.

Willow (NES) (COMPLETO) - Stream


Willow es un action-RPG 2D publicado por Capcom para Famicom y NES basado en la película homónima de 1988. = ¡Sígueme en Twitter! 🤍 Pásate por el Discord del canal: 🤍 O suscríbete a mi Patreon: 🤍

Willow (NES): Nockmaar Castle and Ending


Watch my full longplay for this game at: 🤍 To me, Willow for NES remains one of the most engaging and graphically stunning games in the 8-bit library. The visuals and music perfectly complemented each other, creating the atmosphere of a world both serene and ominous. I always liked exploring the overworld: beautiful scenery, cheery music, everything is deceptively calm and tranquil...and then, suddenly, tense battle music takes over, wind begins blowing the grass and trees around violently, and you suddenly find yourself battling creatures in grotesque and disturbing form, among them likely disembodied, spinning skulls or gigantic wasps. Battles in the overworld are frequent and you get accustomed to them before very long, but when it first happened to me as a kid, it was kind of unsettling because the battle was so unexpected and the tone changed from happy to horrific so quickly. ^_^ Before long though, I found it more fun to play that way, with a small sense of fear that added to the excitement of the adventure. Dunno, maybe it was just me. Anyway, enough reminiscing. Capcom really struck gold here and this game remains one of my favorite action/adventure games and definitely one of the best as far as film adaptations go.

Daria Reviews Willow [NES] - One of the BEST GAMES based on a Movie | 8-bit Capcom Rreview


Developed by Capcom for the original NES and loosely based on LucusFIlm's 1988 fantasy epic, Willow is the story of a hobbit-like Nelwyn's quest to defeat the evil queen Bavmorda. Fans of the film will appreciate the many cameos and references woven throughout an entirely new adventure. Classic and retro gamers alike will appreciate Willow's simplistic but engaging 2D aesthetic and timeless hack-and-slash combat style. Truly one of the best games of the 1980s. Gameplay: Willow is a typical action rpg for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, you'll fight monsters with both swords and magic, explore dungeons, search for equipment, assist NPCs in need, and farm for levels. Thank you for watching my 8-bit review! If you liked what you saw please leave a like and considering subscribing! In either case thank you for your support. Check out Capcom's other great NES RPG: 🤍 ★ Subscribe: 🤍 ★ Support me on Patreon: 🤍 ★ Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ★ And Facebook: 🤍 ★ And discus this game and others like it on: 🤍 Credits: Sound Production by Robert Diefendorf / Sleep Walking Studio

Willow review [Arcade] - SNESdrunk


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Willow (NES) casual playthrough by Arcus (Part 1 of 3)



Willow (NES) Soundtrack - 8BitStereo


Tracklist: 0:00 Prologue 1:35 Password 2:18 Town 3:19 House / Dialogue / Item 4:07 World Theme 5:00 Battle 5:39 Cave 6:45 Enemy Dialogue 7:11 Boss Battle 7:50 Cherlindrea's Theme 1 8:10 Cherlindrea's Theme 2 9:02 Zhena's Theme 1 10:03 Zhena's Theme 2 11:28 Sacred Tower 12:29 Tir Asleen Castle 13:29 Nockmaar Castle 14:31 Nockmaar Castle Roof 15:55 Ending / Staff Roll 18:20 Game Over Check out Mandarinswift who drew the portrait of me that you see in this video, her work is amazing! 🤍 Her Patreon: 🤍 This is the OST to Willow for the NES! But in my own form of Stereo! Which spreads the sound channels and adds a bit of echo/reverb. These mixes also do not represent true, original, or actual stereo that the NES has, this is just to make the music sound more clear and crisp, and is another way of listening to the greatness of 8Bit music. So enjoy this soundtrack in what I like to call, WiiGuy's 8Bit Stereo!! :D Shout out to the VGMPF & GDRI for helping spread accurate info! 🤍 🤍 DOWNLOAD LINK: 🤍

Willow (NES) casual playthrough by Arcus (Part 2 of 3)



Willow (NES) Longplay [440]


Beaten for the first time, this is a pretty good action rpg by capcom. Never saw the movie but the game is really nice looking and sounding, pretty fun game that controls well enough. The only issue is the grinding and also some of the cryptic backtracking. Most of the 2nd half of the game was blind with a few notes I looked up to make sure I wasn't playing forever. Final boss kinda sucks for MP consumption.

Willow (NES) speedrun 1:18:27 Any% Deathless


🤍 Player: feasel Time: 1:18:27 (character control) NES console, NTSC-U

Willow - NES Gameplay


Pure gameplay. 🤍

Willow the NES game from the movie called 'willow' not like a tree


Broadcasted live on Twitch Watch live at 🤍

Willow (NES) Playthrough longplay retro video game


Willow is a 1989 2D action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is based on the 1988 film of the same name and is the second title Capcom released based on Willow that year, the second being an unrelated side scrolling arcade game. The version of Willow released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom is an adventure game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda.

TAS Willow NES in 65:41 by p0rtal_0f_rain


Tool-Assisted 🤍 Played in 1:05:41.51 by s. swinson (aka. p0rtal_0f_rain). This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For further informations visit 🤍

NETSplay Willow (nes) Part 1


Sharpen your swords and toenails! Magma and the Byg Man are back to help a little hob... Nelwyn save the world! Join magmawk and BygPhattyPlus as they play Willow! Playthrough originally requested by JohnnyxMarvel. Willow (the video game) is an adventure rpg that looks like a few other games but does what it does very well. Although the game is somewhat short, those looking for a good Zelda-like adventure will enjoy it. Stays fairly close to the plot the movie, but Willow is the only controllable character, making for a few adjustments and extra quests. Willow (the movie) is a dark'ish action fantasy film that is considered a cult classic among many fans. Spam, hate and flames will have to face Bavmorda without the proper equipment.

Willow (NES)


Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release date: 1989

Willow Playthrough (NES), Part 1 | The Infernal Brotherhood


Join Adam as he plays through Willow (NES). This is part one of our live playthrough. In this episode I begin the game and familiarize myself with the controls, game mechanics and world. Willow (NES) is the second Willow game from Capcom, released in December 1989. You can learn more about the Willow (NES) game here: 🤍 Like the Video, Subscribe & Click the Bell! Willow Playlist: 🤍 Shop Apparel: 🤍 #Willow #NES #Capcom #Playthrough #TheInfernalBrotherhood #ScruffyLookingNerfHerders #IBSLNH #StarWarsGame 🤍StarWars About Willow (NES) Willow for the Nintendo Entertainment System is considered a The Legend of Zelda clone, part of a broader strategy of Capcom trying to appeal to a wider audience. It was designed by Akira Kitamura, with music composed by Harumi Fujita. The player takes the role of Willow Ufgood, who wages a battle against evil, wielding swords, shields, magic spells, and items to defeat enemies. Unlike the film and arcade game, Willow generally travels alone, only briefly meeting several other characters. The game contains some role-playing video game elements, as Willow gains experience and levels up from defeating enemies in real time combat. Rather than battery saving, it uses a password system to save the game. The game has no money system, and all items are found in the game.

NES Willow p1


0:00:00 Reading manual 0:12:32 Game 1:25:33 Bogarda's dungeon 2:07:20 Game 3:15:42 Matanda's dungeon

NES - Willow - Title Theme - Orchestrated


Originally written by Harumi Fujita - Orchestrated by me

Willow (NES)


Muy buen action rpg para NES

Willow (NES) Final Battle + Ending


Final battle and ending for Willow, another on of the hardest, most confusing games ever made.

Willow NES Review (2018)


Es ist wieder Retromittwoch auf meinem Kanal Heute habe ich eines der ersten richtigen Action Adventure auf dem NES für euch. Nein, nicht The Legend of Zelda, sondern Willow. Was Willow eigentlich taugt, erfahrt Ihr im heutigen Test Das Willow NES Review soll euch einen kurzen Überblick darüber geben, ob der Titel heute noch Spielenswert ist. Erlebt die Geschichte von Willow, Madmartigan, Fin Raziel und Bavmorda auf dem NES Wenn Ihr Action Adventures mögt, schaut euch das NES Review von Willow auf jeden Fall einmal an. Ihr findet mich auch hier: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Wenn Ihr mich und meinen Kanal unterstützen möchtet, könnt Ihr das tun in dem Ihr über diesen Affiliate Link bei einkauft 🤍 Für euch entstehen hierdurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten, RetroJoeSpielt erhält aber einen geringen Bonus von Amazon für euren getätigten Kauf. Die so eingenommenen Amazon Gutscheine wandern zu 100% in die Verbesserung des Kanals in Form von neuer Kamera, Licht Equipment oder Games, die ich euch Zeigen kann. Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung

Willow NES Music - Village theme


Willow NES Music - Village theme

Willow - NES - Game vs Film


Game Vs Film Willow on the nes. 🤍 🤍 first time playthrough scuba style. Harder than I thought, but a great insight to this retro game Please check out my boys youtube: 🤍

Willow Retro Review (NES)


My retro game review of the 1989 nintendo game willow, it was a decent zelda clone, overall a good game, despite some minor flaws 🤍

Willow (NES) Part 2 - That's a Bad Idea, Very Bad


Dangerous out there.

Willow by vanni_van in 1:02:50 - West Coast Weekend


Runner introduction starts at 0:00 Run starts at 1:25 SmoothOperative is host West Coast Weekend is a mini-marathon showing off speedrunners representing the West Coast of the United States of America. Looking for live updates? Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍

Willow (NES) Part 3: The Bones Have Spoken


At last we manage to find our way through the first cave of the game and take on a boss!

willow town remix nes (alpha omega 22 emb )


a nes tribute

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